Our Story

Meet the CEO's

The idea of the "Churchy Studio Apparel" blossomed from a conversation between a mother and her daughters about religion, life, business, and bridging the gap between the old way of doing church and the new.

We come from a generation of preacher's kids (PK's), and we know what it is like to be singled out because of our belief in God and our love for the church. If you grew up in the church, then you know first-hand how "church kids" are always criticized on how they are supposed to behave outside of the church.

Churchy Studio Apparel is inspired by our love for God and T-shirts. We believe that you can go to church, have fun, own businesses, live a life of faith & abundance with a kingdom mindset.

Our definition of "Churchy" is Bold, Anointed, Fly & Loves God!


Enjoy shopping Churchy Studio Apparel online!!